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John Vonderlin: What happened next….Sisyphus Has Some Allies….

Story by John Vonderlin Email John ( First Read John’s “The Good, The Bad, and the Just Plain Old Ugl Sisyphus Has Some Allies Hi June,    I returned today to Tunitas Beach to see if I could do something … Continue reading

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BRAVO: John Vonderlin's "The Good, Bad and Just Plain Old Ugly"

Hi June,     Yesterday’s visit to the Coastside was a case of the “The Bad, The Ugly, and The Good” that left me irritated, disappointed, but resignedly Pollyannish.  Neptune’s Vomitorium was even more choked with sand than last week, and continued to … Continue reading

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In 1910: The Oily Dreams Died at Tunitas

Story from John Vonderlin Email John (   Hi June,    I was initially thwarted in my research into finding some sort of resolution of the accusations of flimflammery-scammery involving the High Gravity United oil company’s “oil field” at Tunitas … Continue reading

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My father was Ralph E. Wall (1877-1956)

In the 1970s I received this short bio of Ralph E. Wall from daughter Laura Wall Taylor “Ralph E. Wall “He started to work for the Ocean Shore R.R. in April of 1912. As he, my mother, and oldest sister, … Continue reading

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Fabulous Gordon's Chute at Tunitas Creek

Image from “The Illustrated History of San Mateo County,” Moore & DePue, 1878, reprinted in 1974 by Gilbert Richards, Woodside

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1960s: Historical Assn. Backs Preservation of Tiny Tunis School

1960s: From the Half Moon Bay Review “Mrs. Nita Spangler, president of the S.M. County Historical Association, said that ‘she personally favored the preservation’ of the old Tunis School. “‘It is my personal feeling that the Old Tunis School should … Continue reading

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Funny name…What does Tunitas mean?……

From “Place Names of San Mateo County” by Dr. Alan K. Brown Tunitas: The name has see occsional use in the last ninety or a hundred years as a designation for the ranching district at the lower end of Tunitas … Continue reading

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