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Mini-Interview with Writer Rob Tillitz

Mini-Interview with Rob Tillitz (RT) [We’re talking about the 1960s-70s] 1. You were born on the Coastside? Where? Rob Tillitz (RT) I was born, actually, in Oakland. We moved to Pescadero when I was in the third grade. Had Mrs. … Continue reading

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Read the Prologue to "Bootlegger's Cove" NEW True-Life Thriller by Rob Tillitz

Bootlegger’s Cove, a True-Life Thriller by fisherman/writer Rob Tillitz To visit Rob Tillitz’s website, please click here PROLOGUE SPRING, 1992. ** KARACHI, PAKISTAN ** “SO YOUR NAVY will bring the hash out to my boat?” Bubba asked Mohammed Shamir Jang, … Continue reading

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