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John Vonderlin Updates us on Neptune's Vomitoriums

“Also known as the Marine Debris Update:” Story by John Vonderlin Email John (benloudman@sbcglobal. net) Hi June,    Though  Neptune’s Vomitorium at Invisible Beach is starting to clear of sand slowly, (Only the top of the head of the “fish rock” … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin: Oil, Tunitas Edibles & Neptune's Vomitorium Isn't Producing

Story by John Vonderlin Email John: (” Your posting about Tunitas oil drilling gave me the term “Bella Vista Oil Syndicate” to search. It’s Tunitas’ most famous citizen, Creed Haymond, who was the former owner of the ranch. I’ll follow this thread … Continue reading

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South Coast Beaches: The Seven Sisters

Story & Photos by John Vonderlin email John ( Hi June, I like to make up names to designate various places and features I encounter in my explorations. Usually it’s a form of shorthand I can use when discussing matters … Continue reading

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South Coast Beaches: Neptune's Body Farm…Story by John Vonderlin

I’ve combined many of those remnants with various natural oddities that I consider Natural Wonders to illustrate the dissonance created by the littering that is occurring in some of the most beautiful natural settings I’ve ever encountered, that is along … Continue reading

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South Coast Beaches: "Wrack" Build-Up At Mouth of Neptune's Vomitorium…

(Image courtesy John Vonderlin) Definition of wrack To catch-up on John’s names and places, you can click here

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Clusters On South Coast Beaches by John Vonderlin

Hi June, As I began regularly collecting the marine debris that was spit out by Neptune’s Vomitorium, onto Invisible Beach, I couldn’t help but note that often there would be clusters of certain types of debris. Knowing that moving water … Continue reading

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