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Found: Kesey Film "Atlantis Rising" [Who & What's in it?]

John Vonderlin tracks down Ken Kesey’s “missing film”  Atlantis Rising, shot at Ano Nuevo, featuring Russell Towle’s remote cabin. Email John Vonderlin (benloudman@sbcglobal. net) Email Russell Towle ( John Vonderlin (JV):   I was surprised to read that “Atlantis Rising” … Continue reading

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Russell Towle Asks: Is Kesey Ancient History?

Email Russell Towle ( This body of material forms, as it were, the film companion to “Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.” It is quite an important aspect of our history. I find I am only echoing Tom Wolfe himself, who wrote … Continue reading

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Hi Zane, this is about the Kesey-Prankster movie

Email John Vonderlin ( Hi Zane, I exchanged emails with you, George Walker, and Cap’n Skypilot last year about the W.W. II Observation Post tunnel in a cliffside that the Pranksters were allegedly trapped in by the tsunami from the … Continue reading

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Leah Lubin Says: Let's Get This Party Started….

To: Everybody From Leah Lubin (email Leah: < In the art world, sometimes it takes a long time for the right door to open. Last Saturday, I finally got to meet the owner and curator of the Beat Museum, click … Continue reading

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"La Honda is a slingshot at the sky"….Ken Kesey

When I was writing a historical column for the San Mateo County Times in 1997, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” author Ken Kesey put a “for sale” sign in front of his famous log cabin nestled in the redwoods … Continue reading

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1995: "La Honda is a slingshot at the sky," says Ken Kesey

In August, 1995 I mailed a letter to Ken Kesey–the famous novelist, counterculture hero and former controversial La Honda resident–asking him to contribute a story, even “a fragment,” to an issue of “La Peninsula,” the San Mateo County History Museum’s … Continue reading

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