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Burt Blumert Comments on John Vonderlin's "Holes in Pescadero" (3)

Comment by Burt Blumert Email Burt: ( Hi June, How fascinating a fellow John Vonderlin is. I have followed his trekking up and down the South Coast, snooping into caves and scaling dangerous cliffs, but I was stunned by his … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin: Holes in Pescadero (3)

Story/Photos by John Vonderlin Email John ( Holes in Pescadero, Part 3 Hi June, I would like to think my telling this next story will not pose a danger to me. That is perhaps, a silly consideration, given the usual … Continue reading

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The Coburn Mystery: Chapter 59

The Coburn Mystery, Chapter 59 By June Morrall September 1893 Pebble Beach was “set free” by a vote of the California legislature, recognizing the beach as “Pescadero’s inheritance,” a welcome addition to the county park system. Certainly the villagers hoped … Continue reading

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The Coburn Mystery: Chapter 58

By June Morrall When the Pebble Beach bill passed the California legislature in 1893, the overjoyed citizens of Pescadero celebrated with a “Mammoth Picnic,” at the beach piled high with shiny, colorful stones. Pebble Beach was “Pescadero’s inheritance,” they said. … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin: This Brick's No Ordinary Brick

[Image: The partial brick John found. How did it get to the South Coast?] Story/Photo by John Vonderlin Email John ( Hi June, Do you remember my posting that included a photo of a partial brick I had photographed in … Continue reading

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John Vonderlin: The Black Bar Shows The Possible Site of the Worley Dam Site

To play catch up on John Vonderlin’s earlier Worley Dam posts, please click here Email John Vonderlin (

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The Coburn Mystery: Chapter 57

By June Morrall 1893, the year of a “financial panic,” centered in the big cities. In January, respected Pescadero pioneer Alexander Moore traveled to the state capitol in Sacramento to lend his last minute support for passage of the controversial … Continue reading

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